Overwing Fuelling Nozzle

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Standard feature include a 100 mesh tube strainer a dust a dust cap assembly and a 6½ ft. static discharge ground wire. 1 1/4″ & 1 1/2 “models have an aluminium discharge tube with a knurled area for hand assembly; the 1” model has a brass tube standard. Dashpot construction ensures smooth opening, shockproof closure and maximum flow.

Nozzle can be built to military specifications, consult factory for details.

PATENT NO: 3285564


  • Body: Cast aluminium
  • Stem: Stainless Steel
  • Packing: Teflon Impregnated
  • GraphiteDiscs: Fluorocarbon

WARNING: This is a non-automatic nozzle with a manually operated latch which will not shut off automatically. Use should be limited to applications sanctioned by OSHA, State Fire Marshal Codes, and other appropriate regulating bodies and / or safety codes.

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