Afrifil Group (Pty) Ltd

Mission Statement

  • Afrifil operates in the petrochemical, power generation, mining, metal processing, pulp & paper, food & beverage, motor assembly, maritime & aviation industries.
  • Our skilled, experienced and professional team liaises directly with client end-users, developing comprehensive insights into individual filtration requirements. Where this direct contact is not viable, reliable, well-trained distributors are supported and equipped to provide this service.
  • With principals at the cutting edge of global filtration development, our combined technologies enable us to provide optimal solutions to client’s filtration problems.
  • Satisfying the end-user’s needs is a team effort. We are committed to expanding our principals or specified, designed and manufactured by our skilled in-house team.
  • Depending on the most cost-effective option, a solution is either sourced from our principals or specified, designed and manufactured by our skilled in-house team.

The Afrifil Vision

To be the prime provider for all management systems and filtration requirements, from simple cartridges to engineered solutions for industry at both micro and macro level.

Engineered Solutions

The highly capable Afrifil projects team is experienced in both process and mechanical design, and manufacturers to stringent standards. Besides on-site testing, our in-house laboratory is equipped to test for both quality control and solutions designed to international standards. Gravimetric analysis and other tests determine the filterability of liquids, allowing us to advise clients accurately as to filtration requirements.

A world-wide network of contacts and licence agreements keeps us at the forefront of the latest technology. Filter systems are built to a wide variety of codes, including API, DIN, ASME and BS.

Solutions may consist of standard, of the shelf units supplied for a wide range of applications or be purpose-made. The latest technology will be tailored to suit individual filtration needs and requirements for fuel treatment, oil purification and variety of oils and gases. We also specialise in the design and manufacture of off-line systems.

Afrifil Quality Policy

You will find Total Quality Management throughout all aspects of our business. We are committed to maintaining the standards of our
SABS 9001 : 2015 certification ensuring that our Mission, Vision and Core Strategy is implemented and maintained at all times.

Filtration For Industry

Quality products available for cleaning: