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Filter cartridges are disposable filter elements for the highest requirements on contamination separation. They are installed in Simplex filters, Duplex filters and for the filtration of backflushing liquid in automatic filters. Filter cartridges are used as economic and effective filter elements in water treatment – primarily for small quantities. Due to their high filter fineness, filter cartridges are also used as a pre-filter for the protection of very expensive water treatment systems.

Composition of a Filter Cartridge
A filter cartridge consists of pleated plastic, fibreglass, fleece or paper element as a filter material. A perforated support body ensures optimum strength and perfect protection for the filter fleece. The filter element can filter out very fine dirt particles of 3 to 50 microns and is primarily used in the treatment of water. Therefore, due to the large surface of the pleating, the pleated elements distinguish the filter cartridges through a high capacity to accept contamination with a low pressure loss, high volume flow and long service life.
Flow of the liquid is from the outside to the inside of the filter cartridge. Thus, the contained dirt particles, such as sand, soot or metallic swarf, remain adhered to the surface of the filter medium. The cleaned liquid is discharged from the filter cartridge and is returned to the system. During filtration, fibres of the material are not discharged into the water.
Filter cartridges are used to clean the following liquids:
  • Water
  • Lubricating oil
  • Liquid fuels, e.g. heavy oil (HFO) and light oils (LFO)
Filter cartridges cannot be cleaned, but must be replaced. If an attempt is made to clean them, they will be damaged and the filtration effect would be destroyed.
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