Zipson SH01 spring return handle

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ZIPSON’S SH01, spring return handle (also called deadman handle) was well designed as heavy duty type for very long term operation. The most characteristic of SH01 is withlocking device for option.

The SH01 is designed to mount upon the ISO 5211 direct mounting pad. This will be very convenient for user to replace the handle from normal type to SH01, and repair the handles after long term operation without throwing the whole valve set.

SH01 is suitable for ZIPSON’S valves, especially for the following 2-way ball valve, 201FD, 2-piece ball valve 302F, 3 piece ball valve 305D, 3-piece ball valve, 200 WOG 302SD, 3-piece sanitary ball valve 207s, 2-piece flanged ball valve 110F/110T, top-entry ball valve.


  • SS spring handle
  • Heavy duty design
  • For ISO 5211 direct mounting pad


  • Locking devices
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