VF-21SB/22SB Monitor Cartridges

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The Facet Fuel-Gard® monitor cartridges meet the effluent requirements of the EI specification 1583 —Laboritory test and minimum performance levels for aviation fuel monitors. The cartridge is made up of layered and pleated, multimedia sections with inner support shells and an outer wrap. A special water absorbent media retains water and the pleats expand. As the maximum water-holding capacity is reached, a reduction in flow occurs, indicating the cartridge should be changed. Maximum recommended operating temperature is 160 °F (71 ºC).

Standard Cartridge Design
• Tested to meet effluent requirements of EI 1583 latest edition
• Multi-layered media for increased solids holding, water
removal and shutdown protection
• Flow direction: Outside to in
• Not adversely affected by exposure to temperatures varying from -65 °F to 160 °F (-54 ºC to 71 ºC)
• Carbon steel structural components
• Heavy duty metal center tube and outer shell for extra structural strength
• All metal components coated to protect against corrosion
• Standard gaskets are Buna-N—other materials available on request
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