Underwing Fuelling Nozzle

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The use of all new, interlock technology results in a smaller, thinner, lighter Nozzle. The body of the Nozzle, adjacent to the connection head, has a very small outside diameter. This means that the Model 347GF Nozzle will easily connect to all aircraft, even the newer, smaller private jets and regional jets that are incorporating smaller and smaller refuelling ports. Even with the compact size, the connection head features high strength, hardened, stainless steel components to assure superior durability to withstand the toughest, most abusive environments.

  • Designed per SAE AS5877
  • Connect to MS24484 Single Point Adapter
  • Integrated Durable Swivel Joint
  • Light Weight and Compact Size
  • All Aluminium and Stainless Steel Construction
  • Fuel Resistant Seals

The Cla-Val 347GF Nozzle is designed per SAE AS5877 and is constructed entirely of aluminium and stainless steel with fuel resistant Nitrile, Acetal and Polyurethane seals. Aluminium surfaces are anodized or coated to prevent corrosion. No copper, zinc, or alloys thereof are used in construction. The 347GF Nozzle connects to an aircraft “single point adaptorʺ conforming to specifications MS24484.

The Cla-Val 347GF Nozzle is designed to maximize safe refuelling operations. An internal interlock system, fully contained within the nozzle, prevents it from being opened when not connected to an aircraft adapter. In addition, when connected to an aircraft adapter, the 347GF Nozzle cannot be removed until the operating lever is rotated to the fully closed position.

The Cla-Val 347GF Nozzle is also designed to simplify refuelling operations. The lightweight design reduces the physical stresses involved in connecting the Nozzle to the aircraft. To provide greater refuelling efficiency, the 347GF Nozzle features a six slot connection head, making it much easier to connect to a three-lug aircraft adaptor. Every effort has been made to reduce flow resistance through the nozzle and all related components and optional accessories to the lowest possible level, resulting in reduced refuelling times.

The Model 347GF Nozzle features a six slot connection head. The entire interlock mechanism is housed within the body of the nozzle where it is protected from handling damage. Yet, pressure drop through the nozzle remains very low. The six slot in the connection interface allow for easier connection to the three-lug aircraft adapter. A spring loaded Safety Lock prevents the Nozzle from being connected to an aircraft adapter in an unsafe manner, continuing the high level of safety which is the hallmark of all Cla-Val aircraft refuelling products.


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