Spunflow QA-Absolute Rated Depth Filters

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Product Details
  • Suitable for food and beverage, metal refiners, biological and pharmaceutical industry applications.
  • Absolute rated, graded density filter elements, manufactured from thermally bonded microfibers.
  • It consists of numerous, distinctive filter zones with coarse outer layers acting as pre-filters for the tighter, absolute-rated central zones.
  • The filters are characterized by high void volumes, high flow rates, low pressure loss, high dirt holding capacity and long service life.
  • Available in two grades, polypropylene and polyester/nylon.
  • Chemical compatibilities are extensive and temperature resistance up to 65°C (Polypropylene) and 140 °C (Polyester / Nylon).
  • It is available in pore sizes from 0.5 to 90 microns
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