Filter Bags

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  • Needle felt, lofted felt or monofilament mesh.
  • Can be fitted into all commonly-used housings.
  • Suitable for most liquids in the chemical, food & beverage and motor assembly industry from 1 to 1000 micron.


The bag comes in two types: C style and the G style.

The C style with stainless steel self-sealing neck band.

The G style has either a steel ring or rigid polypropylene neck ring.


Needle felt bags: Semi depth filtration characteristics, micron ratings from 1 to 100 plus micrometer’s.

Mono filament mesh bags: Specific pore size surface and sieve filtration characteristics from 50 to 700 plus micrometers. A high efficiency media in this particle size range.


Suitable for most liquids in the chemical, food and beverage industry from 1 to 1000 micron.


  • High flow rates.
  • High dirt holding capacity.
  • Quick change out, downtime cost savings.
  • Full technical service.
  • Available ex-stock.

Selecting the correct filter bag:

When selecting a filter bag system the following information is required:-

1) Micrometer rating required, i.e. what particle size is to be removed (ratings stated are nominal90% at stated size)

2) Type of liquid to be filtered – allowing the correct selection of compatible media

3) Dirt type and loading – quantity of contaminant to be collected

4) Flow rate

5) Available pressure at pump to cater for both bag and vessel housing

6) Line pressure

7) Operating temperature

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