BOLL Automatic Filters

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The economic operation of modern factories in which large volumes of cooling water in open or closed cooling circuits, process water and waste water are used, places the highest requirements on the filtration process.

The filters used here must:

  • Ensure through their precision that the fluid to be treated is cleaned to a defined degree.
  • Guarantee through their reliability the uninterrupted and fault free operation of the complete plant.
  • Contribute to keeping operating costs low through minimum maintenance and long-in-service life.

BOLL Automatic Filters are characterized by the following particularly advantageous properties:

  • Large filter surfaces
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • Quick and easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Precisely functioning backflushing device
  • Exactly defined filtration degrees thanks to precision wedge wire candles
  • Modular system with many possible variants
  • Effective removal of the solid matter filtered out
  • Low backflushing quantities
  • Low pressure losses
  • Low operating costs
  • Simple handling
  • Compact design
  • Long life span

The boll Automatic Filter SELFCLEAN types 6.18 and 6.19 fulfil these requirements in an optimum fashion. With their unique bipolar mode of functioning in filter and backflush modes, they set the process quality and performance standards in the field of water filtration.

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