Air breather filter Pi 0201

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Filter for ventilating and bleeding mobile and stationary hydraulic tanks

The air breather filter Pi 0201 with preloaded valves are used for tanks which are under excess pressure or partial vacuum alternately. The air can flow in and out in a defined manner. The preloaded valve for inflowing air ensures that a certain partial vacuum is maintained in the container or tank. The air is delayed in flowing in from the outside, the foaming effect is reduced. The preloaded valve for the outflowing air has been designed to keep a certain excess pressure in the tank for a short time. This reduces the number of air exchanges with the environment. As a result, the service life of the filter cartridge is significantly increased. The excess pressure in the tank has a positive impact on the performance of the downstream pumps, thus enhancing the service life and efficiency of the pumps. The Pi 0201 is also available in the version with Mol-elements. The Mol-elements prevent the oil mist from emerging. This can be produced by the fast two-way volume flows of the oil. With outflowing air, the oil mist is precipitated in the element. With inflowing air, the oil mist flows from the element back into the tank.

  • Compact, sturdy and quickly changeable disposable plastic filter
  • Different filter materials for optimum adaptation to customer requirements
  • Long service lives thanks to high dirt holding capacity
  • Optional separation of oil mist using MAHLE Mol-elements
  • Filter version with inlet and outlet valve available
  • Versions with different connection threads available
  • Individual marking possible
  • Ergonomic design
  • Worldwide distribution
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